What is Select Soccer?

What is Select Soccer?

For the most part every player starts at the recreational level learning basic skills and fostering a love for the game.  Players play with friends in their local communities and enjoy the going out and having fun.  For some of players they excel and and thier skill and passion for the game has given them the desire for something more.  The next step is select soccer. The challange and the skill of players are higher, the competition is raised and in may aspects the coaching level is higher.

So what makes it "Select"?  Select is simply the term used for how teams are formed after a tryout process. At the recreational level there is no tryouts. Players sign up and get placed on teams within their age and they play short seasons. These seasons can be 1 or 2 times a year.

In Select soccer, tryouts are announced and players from all around the area sign up to particpate.  At tryouts players of varying skill levels are given the opportunity to show their level of skill to coaches designated to coach the team for the upcoming season. After tryouts, players are selected based on their skill compared to other players. The Coaches then make phone calls and invite perspective players to join the the team at the players ag group for the entire year. 

With this commitment also comes a higher dollar figure (Unfortunately) It also means they may travel to Seattle or Portland to play with these teams making that cost and commitment even higher. 

Twin City Union FC was formed to change that. 

While we do charge a fee for the programs we offer to our youth, they are considerably lower than those you may travel North or South for. There are many reasons that factor into why Clubs charge what they charge. Fields rentals, the quailty of the Coaching Staff, Referee Costs, and the leagues they may play in are just a few of the reasons. 

For Twin City Union FC we work hard to keep these cost down. Yes, we have all those same things listed above we have to be mindful of but we believe that we have a price that is reasonable and gives the players of our area the next level they are looking for.  Yes there is travel but by keeping training sessions local and the cost down we feel that our Club can provide the Twin Citiies and surrounding areas the next step in player soccer development.